Become a LAWASIA Member

Individual membership of LAWASIA is predominantly made up of members of the legal profession, including judges, counsel, barristers, attorneys, solicitors, and lawyers in legislatures, in government and in administration from the Asia and the Pacific. Membership is also open to law firms and corporations.
Membership of LAWASIA offers to individual lawyers and their law firms the opportunity to interact on a regional basis, to build their knowledge and understanding of legal issues and to develop a network of colleagues throughout the world with a common interest in practice of law in this region.

Benefits of Membership

In a snapshot membership entitles the member to:
  • membership certificate and membership badge;
  • reduced registration fees for seminars and conferences;
  • an online subscription to the quarterly LAWASIA Update;
  • a printed copy of the annual LAWASIA Journal;
  • other occasional specialty publications;
  • preference as speakers at LAWASIA events and as contributors to LAWASIA publications.
LAWASIA also provides its member organisations with the opportunity to advance their interests and to exert their influence as part of a regional grouping of professional legal associations.
LAWASIA recognises that the differing economic conditions in the countries/jurisdictions/territories of our region require consideration when setting membership fees. In order to ensure that its membership is fully representative of the region, LAWASIA offers three categories of membership fees that have been set according to a member's country/jurisdiction/territory of residence. To view an outline of the categories and membership fees, click on 'Membership Fees' on the sidebar.
Membership is annual, and runs to the Financial Year schedule from 1 July through 30 June.
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