Membership Types

Individual members

Members of the legal profession including judges, counsel, barristers, attorneys, solicitors, lawyers in legislatures, in government and in administration and teachers of law within the region shall be eligible for individual membership.
Individual Membership entitles the member to:
  • membership certificate and membership badge;
  • reduced registration fees for seminars and conferences;
  • subscription to the LAWASIA Update e-magazine;
  • a copy of the annual LAWASIA Journal;
  • other occasional specialty publications;
  • preference as speakers at LAWASIA events and as contributors to LAWASIA publications.
Individual Members are sorted into three categories of membership fees that have been set according to a member's country/jurisdiction/territory of residence. For more detail click on 'Membership Fees' on the sidebar.

Life members

Life Members receive the same benefits as Individual Members as well as a further discount on all LAWASIA conference registrations and invitations to attend special events. Life members pay a one-off fee for life time member status.

Associate members

If you are not a practising lawyer but work in the legal profession, or are studying law, retired from practice or are an academic you are eligible for Associate Membership and receive:
  • membership certificate and membership badge;
  • regular LAWASIA Update magazine;
  • reduced registration fees for seminars and conferences;
  • preference as speakers at LAWASIA events and as contributors to LAWASIA publications; and
  • a discounted price when purchasing the annual LAWASIA Journal.

Young lawyer members

Young Lawyer membership is open to Legal Practitioners (including barristers) in their first five years of pracitce.

Law firm and corporate members

Law Firm Membership is for law firms only, and yearly membership fees are categorized by the number of partners in the firm.
Corporate membership is for companies that are not law firms and covers any institution, company or other body that wishes to support the objectives and work of LAWASIA. 
In addition to the benefits of Individual Membership, law firm and corporate members receive:
  • two half-page advertisements in the LAWASIA Update magazine;
  • the opportunity to link to the LAWASIA website;
  • reduced registration fees for seminars and conferences for three members of the firm/corporation;
  • free section membership.

Member Organisations

Predominant Organisation
In order to be admitted to membership of the Association, an organisation must be the peak representative body of primarily Practising Lawyers in its jurisdiction at the time it applies to become a member.
Non-Predominant Organisation  
Non nationally representing / regional organisations may apply to become a non-predominant member organisation with LAWASIA.
Please contact the LAWASIA Secretariat for more information.

Benefits of all membership types

Becoming a member of LAWASIA is only a beginning. The real benefits of membership are derived from participation in LAWASIA’s wide ranging activities. Members are encouraged to:
  • attend section and standing committee workshops, seminars, conferences and the annual LAWASIA conference;
  • become active in regional and national committees; and
  • write articles and provide other input into LAWASIA publications. 
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