Human Rights


Professor Yasushi Higashizawa
Meijigakuin University
3-1-5 Takanawa, Minato
Tokyo, 108-0074
T: +81 3 5421 5501
F: =81 3 5421 5256


Mr Shyam Divan
Senior Advocate 
9, Nizamuddin East
New Delhi 110013
T: +91 11 41851374 
F: +91 11 41851376 


Human Rights Section Mandate

It is anticipated that the LAWASIA Human Rights Section will focus activity on the following:
1.1 Research into human rights in particular in the Asian Pacific region.
1.2 Providing LAWASIA members with information on human rights.
1.3 Organising or assisting meetings, sessions and conferences of LAWASIA on human rights issues.
1.4 Proposing and/or implementing human rights intervention activities including intervention letters, organizing and researching trial and other observation missions.
1.5 Participation in meetings, among others, of bar associations/ law societies, international lawyers’ organizations and international organisations.
1.6 Establishing and administrating a LAWASIA Human Rights Award, awarded to lawyers or advocates who have made prominent achievements in human rights in the Asian Pacific region.
1.7 Drafting principles for consideration by Council (e.g. principles on separation of command between civil police force and military).
1.8 Giving consideration to further development of the draft LAWASIA Pacific Human Rights Charter.
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