30th LAWASIA Conference

18 - 21 September 2017 / Tokyo | Japan

Big leap through the rule of law

The annual conference is LAWASIA's flagship event and the highlight of its professional events program. The annual conference is designed to bring together bar leaders, corporate members and individual lawyers from across the Asia Pacific, and to facilitate the discussion of regional developments in law, including such issues as judicial practice, legal education and cross-border dispute resolution.
The conference also serves as a regional platform for sharing ideas, building professional networks, advocating for the rule of law, and advancing the status of the legal profession in the Asia Pacific.
LAWASIA encourages its members to register their attendance and welcomes the participation of all legal professionals in the region.
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President's Message

As President of the LAWASIA, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the milestone 30th LAWASIA Conference.
Since its inaugural conference in 1966, LAWASIA and the legal profession alike have undergone a series of significant changes. Our organisation has grown enormously not only in membership, but also in its scope of activities and level of regional influence. This is due, in no small part, to the concerted efforts of our members and the success of our international events program, now epitomised by this week’s conference. At the same time, the legal profession has been altered dramatically by diversification, technological developments and global shifts in the economic and political environments.
The 30th LAWASIA Conference offers a unique opportunity to discuss the legal issues most pertinent to the Asia Pacific, informed and led by a team of internationally distinguished speakers. I extend my sincere gratitude to the speakers, chairs, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and the Organising Committee for 30th LAWASIA Conference Tokyo 2017 for their support in delivering such a high-level session program.
I hope that the insights and connections gained at this conference may serve as a catalyst, one that inspires and mobilises the legal community to take the essential “big leap” of correcting injustices, driving innovation and advancing the rule of law in our region.

Prashant Kumar

President of LAWASIA

Welcome from the Organising Committee of Japan


Making Big Leaps

The importance of the Asia-Pacific region in international society is rapidly increasing, not only economically, but in all political and social aspects. The region’s growth is attributable to the diversity of its races, religions, languages, and cultures, as well as legal cultures on the roles of laws and political systems. To identify the problems that face lawyers in this region and to resolve them, we should pursue core values shared among diverse lawyers. This insight is one of the legacies of LAWASIA that will last into the future.
In organising the 30th LAWASIA Conference – Tokyo 2017, we aim to provide lawyers in the Asia-Pacific region with opportunities to meet and to encourage them to pursue the core values that lawyers should adhere to, while remaining respectful of each part of this region and laws, and expanding connections across the region. Japan will host the LAWASIA Conference for the first time in 14 years. The Organising Committee of Japan, established in May 2016 jointly by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, the Japan Bar Association and the Japan LAWASIA Friendship Association, is committed to making the conference a success by working closely with LAWASIA, with the enthusiasm of young lawyers as well as advice of senior lawyers who played a leading role in the last conference in Tokyo. We hope that the forthcoming conference will help lawyers in this region to make big reaps toward the future.
In conjunction with the conference, we will organise various events for participating lawyers, both foreign and Japanese, to enjoy together, such as watching a Sumo wrestling match and visiting sightseeing spots in Kyoto. We look forward to your participation in the conference. 

Isomi Suzuki

Immediate Past President of LAWASIA
Chair, Managing Board, Organising Committee of Japan

Time to Shift to a Higher Gear

Today, there is a general consensus that this is “the Century of Asia.” Accordingly, there is a need for enhancing the ability of judicial and legal professionals to cope with the trends toward internationalisation and globalisation. However, activities towards this goal remain inadequate; we must shift to a higher gear to accelerate such efforts.
We must aim for more than a successful 30th LAWASIA Conference – Tokyo 2017. More importantly, the conference should trigger actions toward enhancing judicial systems in Asian-Pacific countries and strengthening efforts to deal with international human rights and legal issues. The conference should set the stage for the legal communities to make great progress and leave a solid legacy for future generations.
Specifically, legal professionals in the Asia-Pacific region need to largely expand the networks with legal communities around the world, enhance both the quality and quantity of domestic and international legal services, and train personnel with the ability to act globally. Of course, Japanese legal professionals, too, are determined to contribute to these purposes.
In the light of such changes and demands, this conference is highly important and signs of a new era have been seen even at the preparatory stage. The Organising Committee has many active young members. 
I am confident that a successful 30th LAWASIA Conference – Tokyo 2017 will spread the energies of young lawyers and serve as the driving force to facilitate the activities of international legal communities including LAWASIA in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, senior lawyers with their wisdom gained through years of professional experience will help young lawyers make more meaningful contributions.
I hope that legal professionals will open up new possibilities, whether by acting alone or in partnership with others, and work hard to offer more opportunities to future leaders, while remaining respectful to the early pioneers. 
Now is the time to change. 
I would like to offer my deepest gratitude for your support, both physical and mental. I greatly look forward to the positive participation of many young lawyers in the preparations for the 30th LAWASIA Conference – Tokyo 2017 and to your attendance at the conference in September.
I conclude by expressing my sincere hope that legal communities will maintain high aspirations and work hard to achieve them, with a clear vision of the world in the new era and recognising the necessity of strengthening the roles and functions of legal professionals. 

Kenji Yamagishi

Chairperson, Organising Committee of Japan
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