Our Mission

As the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific, LAWASIA brings together under a regional umbrella, the peak bodies representing lawyers of the ESCAP region and individual members of the legal community from around the world.  
In this capacity, LAWASIA has, over almost fifty years, operated as a platform to promote cross-jurisdictional exchanges of legal information and education, as a voice of the legal profession and as a conduit for encouraging adherence to commonly shared principles of rule of law, high standards in legal practice and protection of human rights.
Through its linkage to over 40 member organisations, LAWASIA has exposure to a collective membership of over 1 million lawyers across the world.
LAWASIA Mission Statement
  • to encourage and facilitate regional interaction at all levels amongst law associations, judges, lawyers and others involved in the legal community.
  • to be an established voice for the interests of the legal community in Asia and the Pacific.
  • to uphold the rule of law, human rights and universally high standards of legal practice.
  • to provide quality cross-jurisdictional legal education, available and relevant to all jurisdictions, regardless of capacity and developmental sophistication, with the object of enhancing the quality of the practice of law throughout the region. 
LAWASIA’s main objective is to foster professional and business relations between law associations, lawyers, businesses and government representatives in the Asia Pacific region.
LAWASIA also promotes the rule of law in a diverse range of political, cultural, social and economic contexts throughout the region. Other objectives of LAWASIA include:
  • to promote the administration of justice, the protection of human rights and the maintenance of the rule of law within the region;
  • to advance the standard of legal education within the region by all practicable means;
  • to encourage communication and liaison between members in relation to general and specialised areas of law;
  • to enhance the development of members’ legal practices and their professional and business relations within the region;
  • to further the diffusion of knowledge of the laws of the various countries within the region;
  • to promote development of the law in the region;
  • to advance the science of jurisprudence in all its phases and to promote the study and development of international law and of comparative law;
  • to promote uniformity within the region in appropriate fields of law;
  • to further international understanding and goodwill;
  • to assist and co-operate with international, regional, or other organisations having all or any of the above mentioned objects or similar objects;
  • to foster relations and intercourse between lawyers and associations and organisations of lawyers within the region;
  • to uphold and advance the status of the legal profession within the region.
A unique and successful association
LAWASIA’s primary strength lies in its focus on the Asia Pacific legal community, represented by the law societies and bar associations that form this social unit and are the basis of LAWASIA as an organisation.
However, in recognising the burgeoning interest that exists outside the ESCAP region in engaging with its legal profession, the LAWASIA constitution now also allows limited organisational membership from non-ESCAP countries, where these organisations support the objectives, the focus and the work of LAWASIA.
LAWASIA holds consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, observer status with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and operational relations status with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation).
Rule of Law and Human Rights
Since its inception in 1966, LAWASIA has developed a reputation for paying attention to human rights issues, underpinned by the aims and objectives of its constitution.
Many lawyers join the organisation, viewing their membership as a contribution towards supporting the organisation’s ongoing efforts to promote the rule of law and sensitivity of members of the legal community to human rights in all facets of their work and in their standing as leaders in civil society.
LAWASIA places the highest emphasis on adherence to the rule of law, recognising its pivotal significance to the development of the Asia Pacific legal landscape.
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