Human Rights


Section Mandate

It is anticipated that the LAWASIA Human Rights Section will focus activity on the following:

  • 1.1    Research into human rights in particular in the Asian Pacific region.
  • 1.2    Providing LAWASIA members with information on human rights.
  • 1.3    Organising or assisting meetings, sessions and conferences of LAWASIA on human rights issues.
  • 1.4    Proposing and/or implementing human rights intervention activities including intervention letters, organizing and researching trial and other observation missions.
  • 1.5    Participation in meetings, among others, of bar associations/ law societies, international lawyers’ organizations and international organisations.
  • 1.6    Establishing and administrating a LAWASIA Human Rights Award, awarded to lawyers or advocates who have made prominent achievements in human rights in the Asian Pacific region.
  • 1.7    Drafting principles for consideration by Council (e.g. principles on separation of command between civil police force and military).
  • 1.8    Giving consideration to further development of the draft LAWASIA Pacific Human Rights Charter.

Section Leaders

Co-Chair, Human Rights Section | LAWASIA

Professor Yasushi Higashizawa
Meijigakuin University
3-1-5 Takanawa, Minato
Tokyo, 108-0074

T: +81 3 5421 5501
F: +81 3 5421 5256

Co-Chair, Human Rights Section | LAWASIA

Mr Shyam Divan
Co-Chair, Human Rights Section
Senior Advocate 

9, Nizamuddin East
New Delhi 110013

T: +91 11 41851374 
F: +91 11 41851376